Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Imaginary Friends

Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder. For the first time in almost two weeks I reunited with the people in my WIP. I have truly missed them and enjoyed tonight giving them life and breath. To have been inside the minds and hearts of characters, to know them intimately--how they feel and think and why, etc--then to leave them for an extended time is to truly miss them. Strange how one develops true feelings and empathy for that which does not exist in the physical world. But what kind of world would we live in if there were no stories nor storytellers. I am glad to be called a storyteller and someday others will call me a storyteller. Like the water and air I need to live, I need to create people and stories to more than merely survive.

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Julie Musil said...

Oh, have fun with your characters! It's amazing how these people become real to us, huh?