Sunday, March 20, 2011


So today I hit 20,000 words. See all them zeroes. Looks better to me than a k. I have actually strung that many words along in the formulation of my first twelve chapters. I consider my rough draft to now be at least 20% d-u-n, done. If your published novel averages 325 words/page--which many do--I come out with 61 pages so far. While inspiring to me, this fact also reveals that my speed-reading wife could finish what I have written thus far while preparing tomorrow's dinner. That's why my butt will be in the Chair tomorrow morning. I guess you could say I'm happy with today (did I really say that?) but expect to be better tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


Jeremy Palmer said...

Good luck Chris!

Mr. Anderson said...

Way to go Chis. That is about 19,990 more words than could string together ;)